About the School

Maxima School of Makeup Artistry is a post-secondary School of Makeup is located in Historic Old Town Scottsdale.

We are the only school in Arizona that offers programs exclusively to train professional makeup artists for careers in Television, Film, Print, Theater, Fashion & Airbrush techniques.

Our emphasis is concentrated on professional training and career development.

We understand the importance of educating talented and professional makeup artists to stimulate the growth of the entertainment industry in Arizona.

Maxima Makeup Artistry's intensive training programs give you the edge needed to succeed in one of the many different careers within the entertainment industry. Our small classes allow you personal attention in a friendly environment!

When you sign up for our Makeup School you will receive over $5,000 of high quality, professional level products, including an airbrush kit, special effects makeup, and much more! 

Having completed the course, students will receive a certificate and the opportunity to enter into our Makeup Artist Agency.

To learn more about the program, start dates, and prices please contact Salpie at (480) 429-3784.


Meet Salpie

Salpie, Program Director of MAXIMA Makeup Artistry has over 22 years of experience in the makeup industry. She grew up with a great passion for the craft of makeup design, which she still possesses. After graduating from the Joe Blasco School of Makeup Artistry, she began her career as a makeup artist.

Salpie holds degrees in Fashion Design and Marketing and has worked on numerous projects in the entertainment industry, including feature films, print for photography, and television. She has been featured on several news channels in segments related to beauty and makeup. Salpie has even received an Emmy Nomination for her makeup design.

Salpie has, and continues to do work for charities, reflecting her deeply held belief in contributing to the community. Her love for the makeup industry is apparent, and leads to helping other passionate individuals succeed in the industry.